Our first winter in this home was full of ups and downs.

When the winter cold hit us, thats when the bolier over heated and shut down. It was the first week in January, the boiler we had just got put in (a used one) was the wrong size for our house and was over heating. A week without heat seems like forever when its -5 out at night, so off to grandmas house we went.

Fall 2010

So it begins,  August 2010 were given an opportunity to move to a old, rundown, overgrown house in the Fraser Valley.  We knew that before it was livable it needed some, no, lots of work.

And so it began, trimming trees, cutting blackberry bushes and raking in the yard and dry walling and painting in the house.

The day came for us to move in, it was October 1st. We had to be out of our old home by that day so we had rented a truck, packed and moved to Aldergrove. Moving to the other side of the Fraser River was a huge step for both of us. We felt we were leaving my family behind, and with a three year old and a new baby it seemed like a stupid thing to do-especially considering the heat in the house had not yet been fixed.